Police Activity – August 2014

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Police Activity – August 2014

Double Oak Police Department
Activity Report
August 2014

08-01-2014  3:48 p.m. – Alarm – 100 blk. Shady Oaks Ln., Double Oak – Officers responded to a panic alarm which was accidentally triggered by the homeowner.

08-01-2014  11:38 p.m. – Suspicious Persons – 100 blk. Foxtrot, Double Oak – Officer observed multiple males at the lake in Taylor Oaks.  Upon further investigation it was determined to be people fishing.

08-01-2014  11:51 p.m. – Shots Fired – 1500 blk. Alton Rd., Denton County – Denton County requested assistance with investigation into a shots fired report off of Old Alton Rd.  Officer did not locate any suspects.

08-03-2014  4:22 p.m. – Noise Complaint – 200 blk. Thornhill Cir., Double Oak – Caller reported a band playing loudly at a house under construction.  Officer spoke with the homeowner who had his son reduce the noise level.

08-04-2014  10:47 p.m. – Animal Complaint – 300 blk. Lake Trail Ct., Double Oak – A resident reported having found a small black and brown dog with no tags.  Animal control was notified.

08-05-2014  2:32 a.m. – Burglary of a Building – 400 blk. S. Hwy 377, Argyle – Double Oak Officer assisted with burglary of a building investigation.

08-05-2014  8:15 a.m. – Assist Agency – 3600 blk. Waketon Rd., Flower Mound – Double Oak Officer provided cover to Flower Mound Officer during investigation of a disturbance due to an officer shortage.

08-06-2014  3:04 p.m. – Alarm – 100 blk. Creek Side Dr., Double Oak – Officers responded to an alarm call and detected no signs of criminal activity.

08-08-2014 8:30 a.m. – Suspicious Circumstances – 200 blk. Simmons Rd., Double Oak – A witness reported two unknown persons sleeping in a car.  Officer was unable to locate the vehicle.

08-08-2014  3:18 p.m. – Fire Alarm – 200 blk. Kings Rd., Double Oak – Residential owner accidentally triggered a new alarm system.

08-08-2014  6:56 p.m. – Disturbance – 3000 blk. FM407, Bartonville – Double Oak Officer provided cover to Bartonville Officer during investigation of a rolling vehicle disturbance.

08-10-2014  12:43 a.m. – Disturbance – 1800 blk. Knight St., Argyle – Double Oak provided cover to Argyle PD for investigation of a disturbance later determined to be verbal only in nature.

08-10-2014  3:54 p.m. – Alarm – 1600 Barrington Hills Blvd., Bartonville – Double Oak assisted Bartonville PD with alarm.  Residence was found to be secure.

08-11-2014  12:59 a.m. – Assist Agency – 100 blk. E. FM407 Argyle – Double Oak Officer assisted Argyle with a traffic stop investigation.

08-12-2014  9:51 a.m. – Animal Complaint – 400 blk. Country Court, Bartonville – Reports of a horse loose from a pasture.  Officer was unable to locate.

08-12-2014  5:21 p.m. – Assist Agency – Copper Canyon Rd., Denton Cnty. – Double Oak and Bartonville units assisted Sheriff’s Department with investigation into a possibly intoxicated motorist attempting to leave the scene of an accident.  Officers cleared the scene once Deputies had the area under control.

08-12-2014  10:33 p.m. – Agency Assist – 11500 blk. Lantana Trl, Lantana – Officer responded to an alarm call.  Further investigation revealed persons using a weight room after hours and they left when requested.   No further action was taken.

08-14-2014  2:01 a.m. – Alarm – 7000 blk. Hawk Rd., Bartonville – Residential alarm triggered for unknown reason.  Residence appeared secure to responding officer.

08-14-2014  10:04 p.m. – Disturbance – 1000 blk. Cardinal Dr., Bartonville – Reporting person claimed that an intoxicated person was attempting to gain entrance to the residence.  Upon arrival of police both parties separated and agreed to remain apart for the night.

08-14-2014  11:11 p.m. – Accident – 2900 blk. FM 407, Bartonville – Officer drove up on a one car accident involving a car and a deer. The motorist reported that he swerved to miss a deer and accidentally stuck a small tree.  Officer worked the accident and remained on scene until arrival of a wrecker.

08-15-2014  10:50 a.m. – Traffic Complaint – 300 blk. Waketon Rd., Double Oak – Officer responded to citizen concerns about a possible bike race.

08-15-2014  1:14 p.m. – Alarm – 1600 blk. Barrington Hills Blvd., Bartonville – False alarm.

08-15-2014  2:04 p.m. – Identity Theft – 300 blk. Waketon, Double Oak, TX – A resident reported that an unknown person had assumed their identity and was trying to file for unemployment.

08-15-2014  6:47 p.m. – Assist Fire Department – 100 blk. N. Forest, Double Oak – Assisted Fire Department on a medical call.

08-15-2014  6:50 p.m. – Criminal Mischief – 500 blk. Cross Timbers, Double Oak – Unknown person knocked over the complainant’s mail box.

08-16-2014  12:16 p.m. – Alarm – 100 blk. Twin Lakes Dr., Double Oak – Officer responded to the scene determined that house was secure.

08-16-2014 7:04 p.m. – Missing Juvenile – 400 blk. Wolf Run, Bartonville – Double Oak officer participated in searching for a missing juvenile.

08-16-2014  10:01 p.m. – Open Door – 100 blk. Fox Trot, Double Oak – A witness reported an unsecure residence.  Contact was made with the home owner and it was determined that the door was accidentally left open.

08-17-2014  5:20 a.m. – Disturbance – 800 blk. W. Woodglen, Copper Canyon – Double Oak Officer assisted Sheriff’s Department with detaining an involved party until the arrival of a deputy.

08-17-2014  4:33 p.m. – Found Property – 100 blk. Twin Lakes Dr., Double Oak – A witness flagged down an officer and turned over a back pack. Further investigation revealed that the backpack had been stolen at Grapevine Lake around August 9th, 2014. Owner was located and the property was returned.

08-17-2014  6:05 p.m. – Civil Standby – 7700 blk. Justin Rd., Double Oak – Officer was flagged down and requested to conduct a civil standby regarding disputed property.  Officer cleared the scene once the property had been exchanged.

08-18-2014  12:20 a.m. – Disturbance – 200 blk. Country Court, Bartonville – Dispute was determined to be verbal in nature.  Disturbance was quelled when one party agreed to leave the residence.

08-18-2014  3:18  p.m. – Vehicle Complaint – 300 blk. Whispering Oaks Dr., Double Oak – A witness reported speeding vehicles in the evening time.  Officers were briefed about the traffic complaint.

08-19-2014  12:36 a.m. – Fireworks – 100 blk. Trailing Oaks Dr., Double Oak – A witness reported what the believed to be multiple gunshots. Upon further investigation by responding officer it was determined that fireworks were being discharged.  Three juveniles admitted to setting off the fireworks and a parent was notified.

08-19-2014  10:29 p.m. – Assault Bodily Injury – 100 blk. Lake Trail Dr., Double Oak – A resident reported having been assaulted, by a family member, with a closed fisted punch to the face.  Suspect fled the scene but was later arrested for misdemeanor assault.

08-19-2014  9:30 p.m. – Barking Dog – 300 blk. Meadowknoll Dr., Double Oak – A resident reported a neighbor’s dog that had been barking for over two hours.  The dog’s owner was contacted and they were unable to respond to the scene but did offer to contact the person who was supposed to be watching the animal.  The dog was secured in the backyard.

08-20-2014  12:29 a.m. – Agency Assist – 11500 blk. Lantana Trl., Lantana – Double Oak assisted Denton County Deputy on a traffic stop involving three vehicles.

08-21-2014  11:18 a.m. – Disturbance – 100 blk. Lake Trail Dr., Double Oak – Known person was breaking windows on a residence, attempting to gain entry, and causing a disturbance.  When subject was told he was under arrest he fled on foot.  Officers chased and apprehended the suspect. Arrestee was charged with Criminal Mischief (damage 50 to 500 dollars, misdemeanor B) and Evading Detention (misdemeanor A).

08-22-2014  2:21 p.m. – Solicitor Complaint – Kings Rd., Double Oak – A witness reported two door to door solicitors without permits.  Officer was unable to locate the subjects.

08-23-2014  6:44 p.m. – Assist Agency – Bluestem Dr., Denton County – Double Oak provided assistance to Deputies with searching for a car involved in a hit and run offense in Flower Mound.

08-23-2014 8:48 p.m. – Assist Agency – Suicidal Subject – 3600 blk. Dixon Ln., Denton Cnty. – Double Oak, Bartonville and Flower Mound assisted Grapevine Police Department with searching for a suicidal subject, in a vehicle, with a gun that kept moving around the Flower Mound, Double Oak, Highland Village Area.  Subject was located in Highland Village, with a gun, and taken into custody.

08-23-2014 10:54 p.m. – Barking Dog – 300 blk. Thornhill Circle, Double Oak – A resident reported their neighbors dog barking for hours.  Officer heard the loud barking and attempted to contact the homeowner face to face and then by phone.  No one answered the door or telephone call.  Complainant put in ear buds and went back to bed.

08-24-2014  1:45 pm. – Medical Assist – 100 blk. Knob Hill Ln., Double Oak – Officer responded to a medical call and remained on scene until Fire Department arrival.

08-27-2014 7:46 a.m. – Burglar Alarm – 100 blk. McMakin, Bartonville –  Business owner inadvertently triggered an alarm.

08-27-2014  4:59 p.m. – Ordinance Violation – 600 blk. Cross Timbers, Double Oak – Officer found two adult males going door to door without a vendor permit.  Both subjects had a permit from Flower Mound and agreed to obtain credentials from Double Oak Town Hall the following Monday.

08-28-2014  11:52 p.m. – Loose Dogs – 9300 blk. Justin Rd., Denton County – Double Oak officer observed two dogs running on FM407. Officer attempted to warn oncoming traffic with red and blue lights and spotlight but a passing motorist ignored the warning, struck and killed the dogs and fled the scene before the officer could get turned around.  Denton County Sheriff’s Department assisted with removing the dogs from the roadway. Dogs were not wearing any collars or identification when the officers found them.

08-28-2014  3:01 p.m. – Theft / Credit Card Abuse – 300 blk. Oakview Dr., Double Oak – A homeowner reported their jewelry stolen and their credit cards being used by an unauthorized person.  Investigation is ongoing.

08-28-2014 7:05 p.m. – Solicitor Complaint – 100 Trailing Oaks, Double Oak – A resident reported a door to door salesperson.  Officer checked the vendor’s permit and then cleared the call.

08-28-2014  10:08 p.m. – Welfare Concern – 400 blk. Waketon Rd., Double Oak – A citizen reported an adult male, with a backpack, who appeared disoriented.  Officer was unable to locate the subject.

08-30-2014  5:23 a.m. – 100 blk. McMakin, Bartonville – False alarm.

08-30-2014  11:05 a.m. – 8300 blk. Justin Rd., Double Oak – Reckless Damage – A motorized gate had been damaged by a known company truck.

08-30-2014  11:43 a.m. – 100 blk. Lake Trail Dr., Double Oak – Burglar Alarm – False alarm.

08-30-2014  10:22 p.m. – 600 blk. Seals, Bartonville – Fireworks – A resident complained about the discharge of fireworks.  Officer explained that the town did not have any regulations re: fireworks.

08-31-2014  2:33 a.m. – 500 blk. Oakwood, Bartonville – 911 Hangup – Officer was disregarded by dispatch prior to arrival.

08-31-2014  11:31 a.m. – 100 blk. Cross Timbers Dr., Double Oak – Suspicious Item – A passing motorist, familiar with muriatic acid bombs, observed a bottle wrapped in tinfoil located near a Town intersection. Concerned about citizen safety he reported the bottle to the Police Department.  Fire Department personnel responded and determined that the bottle contained only water.  It was later determined that a local runner was staging water bottles for a long run.

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