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Over the past several weeks we have received three burglary of storage shed reports in the 300 blk. of Meadowknoll Dr., Double Oak. An unknown person or persons entered storage buildings, without permission, and removed lawn and home care equipment (weed eaters, leaf blowers, a chain saw and one generator). It is probable that the offenses occurred on the same day and are being discovered at different dates as residents look for their lawn care equipment.

We are also aware of dozens of car burglaries having taken place in nearby neighborhoods of Flower Mound and Highland Village. The majority of the cars broken into were unlocked.

Criminals are opportunistic and care little about the economic or personal harm they inflict upon you or your family. Please lock storage sheds, shut garage doors, remove valuables and lock your cars. Unfortunately criminals often keep returning to a community until caught, or until they are no longer successful at finding items to steal.

If you observe suspicious activity contact the police department as soon as possible via 9-1-1.

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