DOPD – September 2015 Article

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DOPD – September 2015 Article

Double Oak Police Department

September 2015


            On Friday August 21, 2015 at approximately 9:00 p.m. a resident in the 200 blk. of Valley View Trail, Double Oak, heard what they believed to be squirrels on the roof of their house.  A few days later the resident realized that the noise they heard was possibly due to a back window screen being pried from their home (reported to police on August 24).  No entry was made into the home and no property was lost.


On Sunday August 23, 2015 at approximately 2:31 a.m. a resident in the 100 blk. of East View Court, Double Oak,   reported a suspected prowler in their backyard.  The on duty Double Oak Officer and a Sheriff’s Deputy searched the area without locating any suspects.


I highlight those two incidents not to scare or alarm but rather to remind people to shut garage doors, lock cars and homes, bring valuable property indoors and to call 9-1-1 upon observing suspicious persons and activities.  Double Oak is a wonderful and overall safe community in which to reside.  It is, however, a fact that we have had recent incidents involving theft from a resident’s backyard, theft from cars parked in garages, contact with teens at early hours of the morning and normal disturbing the peace type calls involving loud noise / music, speeding vehicles and suspicious behaviors.


We recently had multiple negative experiences with aggressive door to door vendors.  The salespeople were noted for being pushy and asking to enter homes for a glass of water or to use the bathroom (a tactic designed to increase their time in your home and interaction with you in the hopes of a sale) and engaging in rude conversations with residents who elected not to use their services.  Frankly if you don’t know who’s knocking on your door you don’t need to answer!  Our officers will be glad to respond to your residence and speak with whatever stranger has arrived at your doorstep.  I would also ask you to seriously consider the degree of financial risk taken when engaging in a business transaction with a door to door sales person whose only validation is a brochure and a friendly personality.  The majority of the time we find that door to door vendors intentionally don’t carry identification, haven’t taken the time to obtain a vendor permit, have a criminal history and may or may not be willing or able to provide the service they are selling.  It is a great way to lose checking account or credit card account information to what is often later determined to be a known thief.


One of our residents suffered a frustrating financial loss with a home improvement vendor.  The citizen contacted a fencing company to obtain repairs to a wrought iron fence and engaged in a lengthy negotiation process where the sales representative kept lowering the price for the job.  Once the resident agreed to the services the known suspect asked for, and received a deposit.  A month later the suspect never did the work, has a history on the BBB website of engaging in such activity, and has been disavowed by his company.  I would strongly encourage avoiding “down payments” for what basically are essentially labor intensive services (if a company doesn’t have $500 dollars for repair materials a serious question needs to be asked about their ability to deliver on proposed services).  Talk to your friends and ask for the names of vendors they’ve successfully used in the past for home repair.  Take a moment and look online through the multiple review sites available.  If all else fails consider using a nationally recognized chain to contract repair services through so at least there is some recourse if the repairs don’t take place.


A quick update on the multiple fraudulent income tax returns that were filed by criminals for Double Oak residents.  Detective Murphy has been able to track and recover over $13,000 dollars that has been returned to the Internal Revenue Service.  He has also forwarded possible suspect information to the IRS.  I look forward to the day when we can announce an arrest or two.


Finally…if you’re the motorist who keeps drinking and throwing miniature wine bottles on Tanglewood…knock it off.  Your fellow residents don’t appreciate the litter you’re leaving behind, you probably have an outrageous drinking problem and I promise a ride to jail if we catch you.


Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Chief Watson

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