Boards and Commissions


It is personally rewarding to join with others in serving your town! We all lead very busy lives, but please consider volunteering in some way to help our town meet the challenges of the future, while preserving our desirable lifestyle here in Double Oak.

The business of the town is addressed in several different ways: by the Mayor and Town Council (elected volunteers); by the town staff; and by citizen volunteers serving on various boards, commissions and committees. Those positions are appointed by the Mayor and/or Town Council from citizens who show an interest in serving. Questions about volunteering opportunities, beyond what is addressed in this package, can be referred to town staff, the Mayor, or any council member. The following bodies are on-going, established boards, whose members are up for appointment or reappointment by the Town Council in September of each year.

Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) develops and revises town zoning ordinances and addresses other items at the request of Town Council. This is a working body that recommends decisions to the Town Council for action. This commission meets monthly, typically on the evening of the 3rd Thursday. Nine members serve staggered 2-year terms, with seven regulars voting on decisions, and two alternates. Both sitting members and alternates are expected to attend each monthly meeting, to stay abreast of activities of the commission.

Board of Adjustment (BoA) hears requests for variances from the comprehensive zoning ordinance, and from other ordinances, as specified in the town’s Code. This is an actionable appeal board, and decisions by this board cannot be overturned by Town Council, but only in County Court. This board meets on an as-needed basis only, and requests for variances are nearly always decided in a single meeting (work does not carry over from one meeting to the next). Meetings are usually held on the 4th Monday evening, or on a Saturday morning, if necessary. Seven members serve staggered 2-year terms, with five designated as voting members, and two alternates. All are expected to attend each meeting, and alternates may be required to vote if any of the five regular members are absent.

In addition to the formal bodies described briefly above, the following committees have been formed to address other issues in our town, and to make recommendations to the Town Council:

Master Planning Committee

Ordinance Review Committee

Information Technology Committee

Town Beautification Committee

Investment Committee

Roads and Drainage Committee

If you have an idea for a committee not listed, or an area not being addressed by any of these groups, or for details about any of the existing committees, please contact the Mayor, Town Secretary, or any Town Council member.

Double Oak is YOUR TOWN — we invite your involvement! Let’s join together to keep this the special place it is today, while addressing the challenges we will face in the future.