News from Town Hall – October 2016

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News from Town Hall

October 2016

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Town Council approves 2016-2017 budget and maintains $0.23240 property tax rate
The Town Council on Monday, September 19 adopted the 2016-2017 fiscal year maintenance and operations budget which goes into effect October 1. The council also voted to maintain the current town property tax rate of $0.23240 per $100 valuation. Consideration was given to lowering the tax rate, however, to keep up with employee salaries and benefits and general obligations of the town, it was decided the best course was to keep the current tax rate. Double Oak’s property tax rate remains one of the lowest in Denton County and North Texas. The adopted budget and other information can be found on the town website.

Code Enforcement: tree limbs required 12ft or higher over streets
Charlie Wright, our code enforcement officer, patrols the town monthly for the protection, and promotion of health, safety, property values and environment. It’s a tough and necessary position that the town, residents and court take seriously. The town reinforces that residents need to look at their property, particularly tree limbs that hang over/into a street and ensure they are trimmed up to 12ft or higher above the street surface as required by town ordinance. The most common property code enforcement violations are: tall grass and weeds, trash and debris, junk vehicles, right-of-way obstructions/low tree limbs, stagnant pools, property maintenance, working without a permit, vehicles parked on grass, brush and mulch piles for extended periods, signs posted illegally in right-of-way. The town appreciates and thanks residents who have already addressed issues on your property including the trimming up of low limbs over streets. When you receive a code enforcement letter from the town, please comply immediately and contact Charlie.

Town of Double Oak National Night Out – October 4, 2016
The Double Oak Police Department and community will be observing “National Night Out” on October 4 from 6:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. N.N.O. is a great time to visit with your neighbors and have the opportunity to meet the officers. This year’s activities will be held at
John B. Wright Park. Please bring your family and have some fun!



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