News from Town Hall – October 2017

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News from Town Hall

October 2017

Town Council adopts 2017-2018 budget and maintains $0.23240 property tax rate
The Town Council on Monday, September 25 adopted the 2017-2018 fiscal year maintenance and operations budget which goes into effect October 1. The council also voted to maintain the current town property tax rate of $0.23240 per $100 valuation. Just as residents see household budget cost increases with utilities, fuel and insurance, your town does as well. I am proud of your council people and my colleagues: Ted Gruenloh, Andrew Wills, Anita Nelson, Scott Whisenhunt and Stacie Stoehner for their thoughtful discussion, engagement and stewardship throughout the budget process. As it should be, there were opinions, thoughts and views brought to the table by each and after discussion and consideration by all a decision was made and we moved on. Our town employees and citizens are to be commended as well for their active role in developing this year’s budget. This is how government should work. Double Oak’s property tax rate remains one of the overall lowest in Denton County and North Texas. The adopted budget, tax rate and other information can be found on the town website at

Real estate agents will tell you that Double Oak homes and properties are sought-after and are hot sellers on the market. Potential buyers like the fact that our town does not have high density housing, we have low overall taxes, our town is financially conservative and debt-free, we have a low crime rate with 24/7 police patrols, we have a dedicated 100% all-volunteer member fire department and we have outstanding school districts. Our town’s location and overall development provides residents with a small-town rural feel where they live, yet, with all the conveniences of dining and shopping choices nearby.

A change residents will see in this next fiscal year and continuing over the next several years is the changing-out of our police department’s four-vehicle car fleet. While keeping the same four-vehicle fleet number, the department will over-time switch out to a SUV police unit for our officer’s safety. The department gets 100,000(+) miles out of a police vehicle before we consider auctioning off that vehicle and replacing it. The Dodge Charger has been our standard vehicle of choice for several years. Today our police officers, just like other police officers and departments near us, carry more equipment and are called out more often now than ever before. Switching to a different type police vehicle has been under consideration for several years. We normally have one patrol officer on duty at a time and that lone officer deals with many different calls and situations during a shift. Unfortunately, our officers over several years have dealt with: stand-off situations where guns and other weapons have been involved and S.W.A.T. has been called-in; felony take-down arrests have been made by our officers in the field; drugs and weapons have been discovered during traffic stops; an increasing number of family domestic calls and other serious law enforcement events within our small town and around us. The larger equipment space in a SUV will enable our officers, for their personal protection and the protection of residents, to carry their ballistic shields and other police officer safety equipment, that today, does not fit in the current police vehicle. As stated earlier, this has been under consideration for some time and planned for and this police vehicle fleet change provides better safety coverage for our police officers as they patrol daily and fits within our conservative planned town budget. Once the town orders and receives this first SUV, please feel free to stop by and look at it and visit with the dedicated and wonderful Double Oak Police Department staff.

Code Enforcement: tree limbs required to be 12ft or higher over streets
Charlie Wright, our code enforcement officer, patrols the town monthly for the protection, and promotion of health, safety, property values and environment. It’s a tough and necessary position that the town, residents and municipal court take seriously. The town reinforces that residents need to look at their property, particularly tree limbs that hang over/into a street and ensure they are trimmed up to 12ft or higher above the street surface as required by town ordinance. The most common property code enforcement violations are: tall grass and weeds, trash and debris, junk vehicles, right-of-way obstructions/low tree limbs, stagnant pools, property maintenance, working without a permit, vehicles parked on grass, brush and mulch piles for extended periods, signs posted illegally in right-of-way. The town appreciates and thanks residents who have already addressed issues on your property including the trimming up of low limbs over streets. When you receive a code enforcement letter from the town, please comply immediately and contact Charlie.

Waketon Road Widening – Drainage Improvement Project Information
At the March 6, 2017 meeting, the Town Council approved the interlocal agreement between the town and Denton County for the Waketon Road widening and drainage improvement project. The town also approved the engineering services contract.

• Engineer design plans began 2009-2010 and are 80%-90% complete
• Waketon Road Widening and Drainage Improvement Project shall be from Cross Timbers Drive to Chinn Chapel Road
• Engineering and utility crews will be placing survey and utility markers
• Requires easements and right-of-way for drainage, sidewalks, roadway improvements and planned round-a-bout
• Anticipate future public meeting during final design phase
• Anticipate going out for bids Fall 2017
• Anticipate construction beginning 2018 and duration approximately one (1) year
• Concrete roadway construction with street curbs and gutters and storm drains with underground storm water pipes
• Sidewalk path planned on the south side
• Improve roadway safety, provide for sidewalk on north and improve storm drainage; the roadway width will increase (approx. 7ft each side) from current est. 22ft width to est. 36ft width
• Improve from narrow 2-lane asphalt roadway to a wide 2-lane concrete road with center turn-lane
• Round-A-Bout similar to the one at Dixon Ln. will be constructed at Waketon – Chinn Chapel intersection by Town of Flower Mound

If you have questions, please contact Charlie Wright, Director of Public Works, or (972) 539-9464.


Town Secretary Email Information Group
Town Secretary Charlotte Allen, began this information email group a couple of years ago. It is used as a tool for town hall to get information out fast to our residents. If you wish to be added, please email Charlotte at Town information can always be found on the town’s website at


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