Police Activity 05-29-2015 thru 06-21-2015

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Police Activity 05-29-2015 thru 06-21-2015



05-29-2015 thru 06-21-2015

 05-29-2015 – Animal Complaint – 200 blk. Simmons Rd., Double Oak – Loose standard poodle found and returned to owner.

05-29-2015 – Traffic Complaint – 400 blk. Waketon Rd., Double Oak – Concerns about construction vehicle noise.

05-30-2015 – Animal Complaint – 200 blk. Meadowknoll, Double Oak – Reports of revving motorcycles at 10:05 p.m.

 05-30-2015 – Accident – 8400 blk. W FM407, Double Oak – Two car collision without reported injury.  Motorist didn’t see that another vehicle had come to a stop.

 05-30-2015 – Welfare Check – 100 blk. Chinn Chapel Rd., Double Oak – A witness reported a disoriented adult female having problems parking a vehicle and possibly being intoxicated.  Officer was unable to locate the subject in Double Oak.  Later in the evening subject requested assistance from Highland Village Police and was subsequently transported home.

05-31-2015 – Disturbance – 1300 blk. Glenview Ln., Bartonville – Dispute amongst family members.  No offense documented.

05-31-2015 – Suspicious Vehicle – 500 blk. Cross timbers Dr., Double Oak – Upon further investigation the driver was delivering welcome baskets to new residents.

06-01-2015 – Assist Fire Department – 1800 blk. E. FM 407, Bartonville – Double Oak Officer responded to an adult male who required emergency medical assistance.  Subject was later transported to the hospital.

06-01-2015 – Assist Agency – 9100 blk. Penny Ln., Denton County – Officer assisted Deputy with the search of an unsecure building.

06-02-2015 – Arrest – 600 blk. E. Hickory, Denton – Officer transported a twenty-one year old, female, arrestee from Denton PD to Flower Mound PD.

06-02-2015 – Motorist Assist – 3900 blk. Justin Rd., Flower Mound – Officer blocked traffic until a broken down vehicle could be removed.

06-04-2015 – Suspicious Activity – 100 blk. Thornhill Circle, Double Oak – A witness reported an older male sleeping on a car.  Motorist left before police arrival.

06-04-2015 – Breach of Computer Security – 200 blk. Kings Rd., Double Oak – Business owner’s computer hacked and customer list utilized to send fraudulent invoices.

06-04-2015 – Fraud – 3800 blk. Berry Hill Ct., Double Oak – An unknown suspect opened a Verizon account in the Complainant’s name and obtained approximately $3,600 worth of cell phones.

06-04-2015 – Disturbance – 6300 blk. Kings Rd., Double Oak – Road rage incident between adult male motorist and adult female cyclist.

06-05-2015 – Alarm – 300 blk. Kings Rd., Double Oak – No evidence of criminal activity.

06-05-2015 – Illegal Dumping / Theft of Service – 8400 blk. Justin Rd., Double Oak – Known subject(s) dumped garbage into a trash container being paid for by another business owner.  Officer assisted with identifying the subject and had the trash removed by the offender.

06-07-2015 – Suspicious Vehicle – 100 blk. Royal Oaks, Double Oak – Caller reported having been followed home by an adult male in a white, extended-cab pickup truck.  Suspect was gone prior to officer arrival.

06-09-2015 – Debit Card Abuse – 200 blk. Cross Timbers, Double Oak – Unknown person used Complainant’s debit card to make a purchase at a local grocery store.

06-12-2015 – Theft – 100 blk. Lake Trail, Double Oak – Complainant reported attempting to ship a computer system to an out of state address.  Computer was either lost or stolen.

06-13-2015 – Animal Complaint – 7700 blk. Justin Rd., Double Oak – Report of an underfed horse.  Upon further investigation, and consultation with a veterinarian, horse was determined to be old, but otherwise in good health.

06-13-2015 – Traffic Complaint – 300 blk. Kings Rd., Double Oak – A motorist reported having almost been hit by a bicyclist.

06-15-2015 – Accident – 700 blk. Simmons Rd., Double Oak – One car accident.  Motorist was distracted while checking email and struck a mailbox.

06-15-2015 – Public Assist – 300 blk. Waketon Rd., Double Oak – Officer assisted with the removal of a child seat.

06-15-2015 – Animal Complaint – 100 blk. Twin Lakes Dr., Double Oak – Small black dog found and returned to owner.

06-17-2015 – Accident – McMakin Rd., Bartonville – Officer was traffic control at the scene of a Bartonville accident.

06-18-2015 – Animal Complaint – 100 blk. Double Oak Dr., Double Oak – Dog at large found and returned to owner.

06-19-2015 – Parking Complaint – 200 blk. Brown Cliff Ct., Double Oak – Concerns about parking in the street obstructing passageway of other vehicles.  Owner of the involved vehicle agreed to provide more room by parking further on their property.

 06-19-2015 – Assist Agency – 200 blk. Rancho Vista, Double Oak – Officer recovered fraudulent financial instruments for another agency.

06-19-2015 – Accident – FM 407 and Simmons, Double Oak – Two car accident caused by one motorist driving into the rear of another motorist’s vehicle.  Both driver’s described a third vehicle making a U-Turn in front of them and blocking the lane causing the evasive action.

06-20-2015 – Welfare Concern – 8000 blk. Justin Rd., Double Oak – Report of an adult female having fallen and hitting her head.

06-21-2015 – Animal Complaint – 200 blk. Simmons Rd., Double Oak – Kitten left on callers door step.  Kitten turned over to animal control.

06-21-2015 – Noise Complaint – Chapel Hill and Chinn Chapel – Reports of loud music being played from trucks.

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