Police Activity 07-30-2015 thru 08-23-2015

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Police Activity 07-30-2015 thru 08-23-2015



07-30-2015 thru 08-23-2015


07-30-2015 – Motorist Assist – 300 blk. E. Carruth Ln., Double Oak – Officer assisted motorist stranded with two children.

08-01-2015 – Assist Fire Department – 100 blk. Meadowknoll, Double Oak.

 08-01-2015 – Noise Complaint – 100 blk. Twin Lakes Dr., Double Oak.  Loud music at 12:26 a.m.

08-02-2015 – Ordinance Violation – 200 blk. Whispering Oaks Dr., Double Oak – Two Labradors running at large.  Officer recovered the dogs and attempted to contact the owner. Dogs were eventually left with a neighbor.

08-02-2015 – Assist Fire Department – 100 blk. Kings Rd., Double Oak.

08-02-2015 – Assist Fire Department – 6000 blk. Plantation, Double Oak – Officer helped with extinguishing a grass fire until FD arrival.

08-02-2015 – Assist Motorist – 100 blk. Tanglewood, Double Oak – Officer helped a motorist changing a flat tire.

 08-03-2015 – Theft by Deception – 200 blk. Whistling Duck, Double Oak – A homeowner contacted a fence company to obtain paint / repair estimates.  A representative of the company took a $500 dollar deposit and never returned to do work.  Complainant reported that they attempted to work with the company and was told that they didn’t care if they were sued or the police were called.  A criminal investigation is ongoing.

08-03-2015 – Fraud – 100 blk. Foxtrot Ln., Double Oak – A resident reported that an unknown person had obtained credit, in their name, from Verizon.  The suspect obtained over $4,100 dollars’ worth of goods using the Complainant’s information.

08-03-2015 – Ordinance Violation – 100 blk. Rancho Vista, Double Oak – Officers recovered two small dogs and returned them to their owner’s property.

08-04-2015 – Welfare Check – 200 blk. Simmons Rd., Double Oak – A relative was concerned about the welfare of a family member.

08-04-2015 – Lost Property – 100 blk. S. Woodland Trail, Double Oak – A laptop was accidentally left on top of a vehicle.  If property is found please contact the police department at (972) 355-5995.

08-05-2015 – Assist Fire Department – 2600 blk. E. FM407, Bartonville – Medical call.

08-06-2015 – Ordinance Violation – 100 blk. Highview Dr., Double Oak – A witness reported a solicitor going door to door and leaving flyers (alternately skipping some homes).  Officer made contact with the individual and issued a warning for soliciting without a permit.  Subject was skipping houses as he worked for a painting company and was only leaving flyers on homes that he felt needed to be painted.

08-07-2015 – Smoke Investigation – 200 blk. Wolf Run, Bartonville – Determined to be a controlled burn.

08-09-2015 – Assist Fire Department – 300 blk. E. Carruth Ln., Double Oak – Officer responded to a propane grill fire.

08-10-2015 – Motorist Assist – Cedar Crest and Justin Rd., Double Oak – Officer helped to move a stalled car out of the way of traffic.

08-10-2015 – Criminal Mischief – 200 blk. Lake Trail Ct., Double Oak – Complainant found that an unknown person / vehicle had struck his mailbox causing damage.

08-10-2015 – Fraud – 5900 blk. Pepperport Ln., Double Oak – An unknown person used the Complainant’s debit card to make multiple purchases in Arlington and Fort Worth.

08-12-2015 – Assist Agency – 900 blk. Terrace Dr., Lantana – A disturbance resulted in an adult male receiving serious bodily injury from a knife or possibly knives.  Double Oak and Bartonville Police responded to the location and detained a suspect until the arrival of Sheriff’s deputies.

08-12-2015 – Motorist Assist – Lantana Trail / Stacy Lane, Denton County – Officer stopped to help a motorist changing a tire at 12:12 a.m.

08-13-2015 – Disturbance – 500 blk. Kings Rd., Double Oak – Female motorist reported being followed by an adult male who was making offensive hand gestures.

08-13-2015 – Arrest – 400 blk. Oak Trail, Double Oak – A small blue car was observed speeding on Simmons Rd.  When stopped the motorist was determined to have a suspended driver’s license, no insurance, and multiple warrants for their arrest and was in possession of drug paraphernalia.  A female 33 years of age was taken into custody and transported to Flower Mound jail.

08-15-2015 – Disturbance – 100 blk. N. Forest Ln., Double Oak – Minor dispute that was verbal in nature.

08-16-2015 – Traffic Stop / Arrest – 4200 blk. Cherry Creek, Highland Village – During the conduct of a traffic stop a male, twenty-six years of age, was found to have warrants from Double Oak and was arrested and transported to Flower Mound jail.

08-17-2015 – Criminal Mischief – 100 blk. Forest Ln., Double Oak – A resident reported having had their car splashed with paint.

08-18-2015 – Loud Music – 200 blk. Meadowknoll, Double Oak

 08-18-2015 – Suspicious Activity – 200 blk. Lake Trail Ct., Double Oak – Three teen males observed parked in the street at 2:31 a.m.  Further investigation revealed they were waiting for a friend.

08-18-2015 – DWI 3rd or More – 100 blk. Brown Cliff Ct., Double Oak – A constable observed a male, fifty-six years of age, attempting to flee the scene of a minor vehicle accident (he had collided with a utility box).  Field Sobriety testing was conducted and the motorist was taken into custody for suspicion of driving while intoxicated.  Arresting Double Oak Officer obtained an evidentiary warrant for blood and then the subject was transported to Denton County Jail.  Arrested person was charged with a felony due to multiple prior DWI convictions.

08-21-2015 – Accident – 6000 blk. Long Prairie Rd., Flower Mound – While conducting a traffic stop at 9:21 p.m. a Double Oak Officer witnessed a car leave the roadway and strike a power pole.  Officer remained on scene until Flower Mound PD arrival.

08-23-2015 – Suspicious Circumstances – 100 blk. E. View Ct., Double Oak – At 3:35 a.m. a resident reported hearing a prowler in their backyard.  Denton County Sheriff’s Department Deputy and on-duty Double Oak Officer were unable to find a suspect(s).

08-23-2015 – Ordinance Violation – Cross Timbers and King’s Rd., Double Oak – Person discharging fireworks from a car.

08-24-2015 – Suspicious Circumstances / Criminal Mischief – 200 blk. Valley View Trail, Double Oak – On Friday August 21 at approximately 9:00 p.m. Complainant heard what they thought was a squirrel on the roof of their house.  Later they realized that an unknown person had pried a screen off of a window in the back of their home.

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