Police Activity – May 2014

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Police Activity – May 2014

Double Oak Police Department

Activity Report

May 2014


05-02-2014 6:51 p.m. – Animal Bite – 200 blk. Whistling Duck, Double Oak – Report of neighbor’s dog biting the Complainant.

05-02-2014 3:29 p.m. – Assist Agency – 7000 blk. Justin Rd., Copper Canyon – Officer assisted County with traffic control during investigation of a two vehicle collision.

05-07-2014 3:07 p.m. – Disturbance – 100 blk. Knob Hill Ln., Double Oak – Minor disturbance that was determined to be civil in nature.

05-07-2014 4:54 p.m. – Accident – 800 blk. Cross Timbers Dr., Double Oak – Known motorist collided with a mail box causing damage.

05-07-2014 5:37 p.m. – Alarm – 1200 blk. Golf Club Dr., Lantana – DOPD assisted a deputy with searching a residence that was found to be open during an alarm call.

05-07-2014 7:17 p.m. – Alarm – 400 blk. Cross Timbers Dr., Double Oak – Residential alarm. No criminal activity detected.

05-08-2014 6:43 p.m. – Accident – 7800 blk. F.M.407, Double Oak – Two car collision near the intersection of FM407 and Simmons Rd.  Both cars had to be towed from the roadway.

05-09-2014 10:12 p.m. – Suspicious Vehicle – 100 blk. High Oak Dr., Double Oak – A resident report an unknown vehicle parked in front of an unoccupied residence. DOPD officer investigated and found the parents of the young person who parked the vehicle and had them contact the driver.

05-10-2014 1:38 a.m. – Suspicious Circumstances – 100 blk. W. Carruth Ln., Double Oak – A resident reported an unknown car and persons in their neighborhood. Upon further investigation it was determined that the car belonged to a young man, who lives in the neighborhood, and who was skateboarding on the only hill in the neighborhood.

05-10-2014 11:01 a.m. – 911 Hangup – 100 blk. Chapel Hill Dr., Double Oak – Officer responded to a 911 hang-up (dispatch could only hear music on the call). Responding Officer determined that a worker at the location had a phone with an open line to 911 in his pocket.

05-10-2014 1:04 p.m. – Solicitor – 200 blk. Oak Trail, Double Oak – A resident reported a solicitor (without a permit) going door to door in their neighborhood. Officers contacted the solicitor, issued a warning citation and explained the Town permitting process for solicitors.

05-10-2014 2:28 p.m. – Stranded Motorist – 7900 blk. FM407 – DOPD Officer stopped to check on a motorist who had run out of gas.

05-12-2014 11:36 p.m. – Arrest – 100 blk. Tanglewood Ln., Double Oak – During the conduct of a traffic stop a F/20 y.o.a. was determined to have two warrants issued by the City of Denton. Subject was taken into custody and transported to jail.

05-13-2014 1:08 p.m. – Suspicious Circumstances – 200 blk. Oak Trail, Double Oak – Report of telephone call that may have been fraudulent in nature.

05-13-2014 7:53 p.m. – Motorist Assist – 300 blk. Waketon Rd., Double Oak – Officer helped a stranded motorist push their car off the road and stayed with them until the
vehicle was removed.

05-14-2014 9:18 p.m. – Arrest – 500 blk. Kings Rd., Double Oak – Officer stopped a motorist for speeding and smelled alcohol. Male Driver 50 y.o.a. was unable to perform SFST and was taken into custody for Driving While Intoxicated and transported to jail.

05-15-2014 5:35 a.m. – Theft in Progress– Pitaya Dr., Lantana –  Residents reported two unknown men loading construction materials and suspected it was a theft in progress.
Upon arrival officer was able to determine that both subjects had been picking up equipment and were new to the jobsite.

05-16-2014 11:15 a.m. – Alarm – 200 blk. Whistling Duck Ln., Double Oak – No criminal activity found.

05-17-2014 12:31 a.m. – Open Residence – 100 blk. Twin Lakes Dr., Double Oak – A resident noticed an exterior door unsecure on their neighbor’s house. Office was able to contact the homeowner and secure the door.

05-17-2014 3:07 p.m. – Lost pet – 100 blk. Timberview Dr., Double Oak – A homeowner reported that their dog was missing. The animal was found later.

05-18-2014 12:01 a.m. – Alarm – 100 blk. Twin Lakes Dr., Double Oak – Alarm was triggered by a pet wandering around the house triggering motion sensors.

05-18-2014 1:34 a.m. – Minor Disturbance – 300 blk. Meadowknoll Dr., Double Oak – Officer asked a social gathering to keep the noise down and was informed that the party was winding down.

05-21-2014 10:32 a.m. – Minor Disturbance – 200 blk. Rancho Vista Dr., Double Oak – A resident reported illegal parking by a lawn crew.  Vehicle was moved before officer arrival.

05-21-2014 5:47 p.m. – Assist Fire Department – 100 blk. Chapel Hill Dr., Double Oak – Officer responded with Fire Department to suppress a grass fire caused by a lawn mower.

05-22-2014 6:27 p.m. – Reckless Driving – 300 blk. Waketon Rd., Double Oak – A bicyclist reported a motorist driving a light colored 4 door sedan had attempted to run him off the road.

05-23-2014 10:40 p.m. – Assist Agency – 100 blk. Dove Creek Rd., Bartonville – DOPD assisted Bartonville PD as cover officer during a vehicle investigation.

05-24-2014 2:23 p.m. – Open Building – 1900 blk. E. Jeter, Bartonville – DOPD Officer assisted Bartonville with searching a building that had been left open.

05-24-2014 10:09 p.m. – Traffic Control – 300 blk. Waketon Rd., Double Oak – During a wind event a tree fell across Waketon Rd. Officer remained on scene while DOVFD cut and cleared the tree from the roadway.

05-25-2014 1:20 a.m. – Disturbance – 300 blk. Spring Creek, Lantana – DOPD, upon request of the assigned Deputy, responded to a fight in progress involving several males. Upon arrival it was determined that no offense had occurred.

05-27-2014 10:53 a.m. – Animal Complaint – 100 blk. Trailing Oaks Dr., Double Oak – Officer was unable to find the dogs reported to be roaming loose.

05-29-2014 1:21 a.m. – Disturbance – 1100 blk. Grant, Lantana – DOPD assisted Sheriff’s Department Deputies by responding to a report of a distraught male, with a gun,
threatening to kill himself. Subject left the area, in a vehicle, before officer arrival and was later found in the vicinity of FM 407 and Hillside where the subject was taken into custody without incident.

05-29-2014 1:50 a.m. – Assist Agency – 300 blk. Canyon Oak, Copper Canyon – DOPD, at the request of the Sheriff’s Dept. responded to a disturbance call with a Deputy.

05-29-2014 6:11 a.m. – Assist Fire Department – 200 blk. Oak Trail, Double Oak – Medical emergency.

05-29-2014 10:24 p.m. – Noise Complaint – 6600 blk. Hawk Rd., Double Oak – Resident mowing grass late at night.

05-30-2014 9:07 a.m. – Alarm – 100 blk. Lake Trail Dr., Double Oak – Cleaning crew accidentally triggered residential alarm.

05-30-2014 9:20 a.m. – Suspicious Circumstances – 100 blk. Chinn Chapel Rd., Double Oak – Resident wanted to confirm through law enforcement that letter he had received was from the federal government.

05-30-2014 3:24 p.m. – Criminal Mischief – 500 blk. Kings Rd., Double Oak – Unknown motorist hit Complainant’s mailbox with his vehicle and then drove off. A piece of the vehicle was recovered at the scene.

05-30-2014 11:43 p.m. – Suspicious Activity – 100 blk. Chapel Hill Dr., Double Oak – An unknown person (possible in a dark blue Chevy Suburban) approached the complainant’s
house and rang the doorbell. Subject departed prior to officer arrival.

05-31-2014 9:26 a.m. – Theft – 100 blk. Willow Oak Ct., Double Oak – A lawnmower and weed eater was removed from an open shed.

05-31-2014 4:55 p.m. – Open Door – 100 blk. Double Oaks Dr., Double Oak – A resident noticed the vacant residence next to them had an open door.  Officer searched and secured the vacant house.

05-31-2014 11:26 p.m. – Fire Alarm – 8300 blk. Justin Rd., Double Oak – Officer remained on scene until fire department personnel could evaluate the location.

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