Storm Debris Information

Jun 21, 2018 by

Due to the size and strength of last night’s storm, Waste Management (WM) is handling storm debris dumpster requests from several of their customer cities.

Waste Management has notified Double Oak Town Hall that they will begin delivery of dumpsters to town hall on Friday for residential storm debris assistance.

The town has informed WM of storm damage across the town and has requested several dumpsters be delivered and for WM personnel to be prepared to change out full dumpsters with empty dumpsters as quickly as they can.

Double Oak’s next bulk trash day is Friday, July 20th. Please follow WM rules for brush pick-up at your home including ordering an extra pick-up for an additional charge.

Double Oak residents may use the WM DFW Landfill (1600 S. Railroad Street, Lewisville) twelve times a year. You must show driver’s license and current WM bill and tarp your trailer or truck bed.

Please click on the link below for the Waste Management Brochure:

Double Oak Tri-fold Brochure 3 14 18

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